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Vantage IoT and OT Cybersecurity That Scales

Quickly detect and respond to cyber threats, risks, and anomalies with a scalable SaaS platform that consolidates IoT and OT security management into a single application.


  • Asset Discovery & Network Visualization
Eliminate blind spots and increase your cyber threat awareness.

  • Automatically track your OT, ICS, and IoT/IIoT devices in an up-to-date, accurate asset inventory
  • Drill down from macro view for detailed information on endpoints and connections
  • Immediately see your entire OT network.
    • Visualization of all devices on your network
    • Extensive node information including name, type, and firmware version
    • Actionable insights into asset behavior, roles, protocols, data flows and more

undefined - Portion of interactive Network Visualization Graph.

Network Visualization View displays all assets communicating on your network for real-time awareness.

IoT & OT Vulnerability Management

Rapidly identify OT/IoT network risks, assess vulnerabilities and prioritize response.
  • Detailed risk information including security alerts, missing patches and vulnerabilities
  • Automated vulnerability assessment
  • Efficient threat prioritization and remediation
Continuously monitor your networks and automation systems.
  • Eliminate blind spots caused by limited monitoring or inadequate protocol support
  • Easy access to detailed OT, ICS and IoT/IIoT cyber risk data
  • Highlights potential reliability issues, such as unusual process values