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DDoS Protector Appliance

Stop Denial Of Service Attacks In Seconds With Customized, Multi-layered Protection That Blocks A Wide Range Of Attacks. 

Key Features

  • Protects against known and unknown DDoS attacks in seconds 
  • Defends against both network and application attacks 
  • Unique real-time signature engine for continuity of legitimate traffic 
  • Flexible filter engines detect and prevent malicious exploits 
  • Protects against HTTP attacks 
  • Network flood attacks protection 
  • Fast, customized signature creation keeps businesses running 

Key Benefits 

  • Protection against evolving DDoS attacks 
  • Advanced techniques help maintain web services during an attack 
  • Turn-key appliance works right out of the box 
  • Integrated with Check Point security management for greater visibility and control 
  • High-performing DDoS solution with up to 40Gbps throughput 
  • Multi-layered protection blocks multiple attack types 
  • Customized protections fit different business sizes and security needs 

In today’s threat landscape, “Denial of Service (DoS)” attacks are increasing in number, speed and complexity. Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are relatively easy to carry out, and can cause serious damage to companies who rely on web services to operate. Multiple (more than 50) DDoS attack “toolkits” are readily available on the Internet, and an increasing number of attacks are initiated in over 230 countries. DDoS attacks are often profit-driven: in 2011, cyber criminals earned a whopping $12.5 billion dollars. 2012 shows an alarming surge of DDoS threats to the financial services industry. However hacktivism and political motivations are fast becoming the most popular forum to launch Denial of Service attacks. Anonymous successfully spearheaded numerous attack campaigns against individuals, organizations, governments and countries in retaliation for actions or statements they didn’t agree with. 

Many DDoS solutions are deployed by an Internet Service Provider, offering generic protections against network layer attacks. However today's DDoS attacks have become more sophisticated, launching multiple attacks at networks and applications. Successful DDoS solutions will offer companies the ability to customize their protections, fast response time during an attack, and a choice of deployment options to meet changing security needs.


Check Point’s DDoS Protector Appliances keeps businesses running with multi-layered, customizable protections and up to 40Gbps performance that automatically defends against network flood and application layer attacks with fast response time against today’s sophisticated denial of service attacks. DDoS Protector Appliances offer flexible deployment options to easily protect any size business, and integrated security management for real-time traffic analysis and threat management intelligence for advanced protection against DDoS attacks. Check Point also provides dedicated 24/7 support and resources to ensure up-to-the-minute protections to assist network and systems administrator with mitigating DDoS attacks. 



Protection against DDoS attacks aimed at networks using: 

Behavioral DoS - Protects against TCP, UDP, ICMP, 

IGMPand Fragment DDoS attacks with adaptive behavioral based detection and protection. 

DoS Shield - Protects against known DDoS attack tools with pre-defined and customized filters to block attacks with rate-limits per pattern. 

Syn Protection - Blocks SYN-spoofed attacks with SYN rate thresholds per protected servers. 

Black List - Blocks generic attacks with L3 and L4 source- destination classifications and expiration rules. 

Connection Rate Limit - Blocks generic, non-supported protocols (non DNS, HTTP) and application level flood attacks with rate-based thresholds. 


Protects against more complex DDoS attacks that misuse application resources with: 

SYN Protection withWeb Challenge - Protects against HTTP connection-based attacks with SYN rate threshold and web challenge/response per protected server. 

Behavioral DNS Protections - Block DNS query DoS attacks with DNS adaptive behavioral based detection using DNS footprint blocking, rate limits and DNS challenge and response. 

Behavioral HTTP Protections (The “HTTP Mitigator”) -Blocks HTTP connection-based DoS attacks and upstream HTTP bandwidth attacks with server-based HTTP adaptive behavioral detection, HTTP footprint with web challenge/response, 302 redirect and JS challenge actions. 


Repels Dos and DDoS attacks that require special filtering criteria. Flexible filtering definitions search for specific content patterns in each packet. Enables the ability to analyze and block ongoing attacks by defining on-the-fly protections. 


DDoS Appliances are integrated with Check Point Security Management, including: 


Unified security event and analysis solution that delivers real-time threat management information to instantly stop threats and block attacks with on-the-fly protections. Move from business view to forensics in just three clicks. 


Advanced log analyzer that delivers proactive security intelligence with split-second search results from any log field for instant visibility into billions of log records over multiple time periods and domains. 


Comprehensive auditing solution to troubleshoot system and security issues, gather information for legal or audit purposes, and generate reports to analyze network traffic patterns. In the case of an attack or other suspicious network activity, use SmartView Tracker to temporarily or permanently terminate connections from specific IP addresses. 


SNMP V1, 2C and 3, Log File, Syslog, Email 


SNMP, V1, 2C, 3, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, SOAP, API, Console (user selectable). 


Based on Network Time Protocol (NTP). 


Northbound XML interface exports behavioral parameters.