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One Solution to Secure All Your Organization's Mobility Needs


  • Segregate business data from personal data and applications 
  • Enable secure remote access from any device 
  • Extend corporate security policy to mobile devices 
  • Block suspicious files, access to malicious websites, and damage by bots 
  • Easily manage policy, access, and document use 
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure 


  • Protect smartphones, tablets, and laptops from threats everywhere 
  • Protect mobile users outside the enterprise security perimeter 
  • Establish a secure business environment on your mobile device 
  • Secure business documents wherever they go 
  • Secure data in uncontrolled environments 
  • Securely use business applications in a seamless way 
  • Prevent business data loss from mobile devices 



Today we live in a world without boundaries, where we are always connected and always need to be secure. Mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets keep people and businesses connected 24 hours a day. 

With increased connectivity comes increased risk. In 2014, over 11.6 million mobile devices1 have been infected with malware. With this rapidly growing rate of infection and the risk of lost devices, how can you be confident that you and your data are secure in today’s mobile environment? 

A multitude of disparate solutions attempt to address today’s mobility challenges, but none of them provide a complete solution for mobile security. Mobile Device Management solutions specialize in managing device configurations, but fall short when it comes to securing business data and documents in uncontrolled environments. Similarly, mobile solutions that are focused on a specific sub-segment of mobile security are not integrated with the organization’s corporate security policy or infrastructure. None of these solutions offer a simple, integrated approach that secures mobile devices from threats, secures data and documents on mobile devices, and are simple and easy to use. 


Check Point Capsule delivers a complete solution that addresses the security challenges facing your organization as your employees, devices and data become increasingly mobile. With this integrated solution, you can provide seamless security to protect business data from threats, establish a secure business environment on mobile devices, and secure business documents, devices and networks. 

Check Point Capsule enables you to extend Check Point’s industry-leading security from the corporate network, and apply it to your mobile devices. With a single set of policies, you can ensure both your network and your employees’ mobile devices enforce the same protections against internal and external threats. 

With Check Point Capsule you are able to access corporate email, documents, and internal directories and assets from within a secure business environment. Personal data and applications are segregated from business data, enabling secure use of business assets while protecting employee’s personal information and applications. 

Business documents are protected everywhere they go with Check Point Capsule. Security is established at document creation, and travels with the document everywhere it goes, ensuring that corporate security guidelines are always enforced. 

Check Point addresses the challenges organizations are facing to support their employees’ needs to access the network, corporate resources, and business documents in a secure manner, whenever and wherever they go.

Protect devices from threats everywhere 

As traditional networks disappear, mobile devices are being used beyond the perimeter of the traditional corporate network, making our devices, data and networks vulnerable to cyber threats. If a device becomes infected off-site, the data stored on the device is vulnerable. When the infected device is used again on the corporate network, the corporate network is exposed to the threat. Check Point Capsule enables you to leverage protections from all Check Point Software Blades as a cloud-based service, protecting your users, your networks and your business data from threats inside and outside your corporate network security perimeter. With Check Point Capsule, you can extend your single corporate security policy to all devices, protecting them from threats everywhere they go. 

Establish a secure business environment 

Today our smartphones and tablets satisfy both personal and business needs. We check business email from our personal devices, and stay connected with friends and family from business devices. The same email application may be used for both personal and business use. With this level of connectivity and the mixing of personal and business activities, comes increased security risk associated with lost or stolen customer and corporate data. Check Point Capsule creates a secure business environment where users have one touch access to corporate email, files, directories, corporate contacts, and calendars, without affecting their personal data. You can leverage this singular solution to enhance the productivity of your employees, enable secure use of personal devices, and protect and manage your business data. 

Secure business documents everywhere they go 

Sharing documents with coworkers, partners, and customers is of critical importance in business today. But without ensuring who has access to those documents, you leave your organization open to information leakage or worse. Check Point Capsule ensures that security is established whenever a document is created. That security follows the document everywhere it goes, inside and outside your organization. Check Point Capsule provides seamless access to corporate documents for authorized users, without the need to remember passwords. With Check Point Capsule, your organization can share and use business documents with confidence.