Global Safe Information Tech. Co. Ltd. 


Sincere invitation interested in the development of network security personnel joined the Corporation, if only you have the same passion and dedicate yourself to the service of motherland’s network, no matter what education background, no matter what age, no matter what sexuality, you can join us! We leave a seat vacant for you!

Product Test Engineer


  • Proficiency in TCP/IP or IPX/SPX network configuration and administration;

  • Familiar with Unix、Linux or Windows 98/NT/2000 and some operating system configuration and administration;

  • Familiar with basic knowledge of network security;

  • A software system testing experience of hiring priority

Technical Service Engineer


  • Familiar with kinds of operating system such as Linux、Solaris、*BSD、Windows NT/2000 etc;

  • Familiar with a variety of network application service configuration and management;

  • Familiar with network devices such as switch ,router and network communication technique such as ATM、FR、DDN、PSTN etc.

Security Engineer


  • Proficiency in TCP/IP protocol (Priority of people familiar with a variety of network protocols);

  • Proficiency in UNIX or Windows NT/2000 system core and bottom

  • Familiar with administration of networks protocol such as SNMP、Agentx(Priority hiring)

  • Proficiency in A variety of security technology, master or familiar with various a variety of network attack and protection technique;

  • Hiring priority to those with special; the special talents can be a flexible work system.

Security Training Engineer


  • Familiar with basic knowledge about information network security;

  • Have experience in teaching and management;

  • Priority hiring of people who have experience in the IT industry training.

Condition of priority of employment:

  • Strong in logical thinking and independent analyze;
  • Proficiency in English, strong in reading;
  • With relevant work experience

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