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Advanced Secure Gateway S200/S400/S500

Delivering Advanced Security for the Web in a Single, Powerful Solution

The Advanced Secure Gateway enables you to control and secure your web traffic to support safe, productive web experiences. The Advanced Secure Gateway delivers:

  • Complete Protection and Control
  • Layered Defenses
  • Unmatched Performance and Reliability
  • Lower TCO


SSL Visibility Appliances SV800/SV1800/SV2800/SV3800/SV3800B-20

Remove the Security Blind Spots Created by Encrypted Traffic

Provides Unmatched Visibility into Encrypted Traffic to Protect Against Advanced Threats

  • Automatically identifies all SSL/TLS traffic regardless of port number or application
  • Uncovers hidden threats that use SSL to bypass detection, such as the Dyre and Zeus trojans, Upatre Command and Control (C&C), VMZeus C&C, etc.

Supports Privacy and Compliance Initiatives

  • Selectively decrypts traffic to meet data privacy and compliance requirements
  • Enforces acceptable use policies for encrypted traffic

Integrates Seamlessly with the Existing Security Infrastructure

  • Preserves and extends the ROI of the infrastructure
  • Supports multiple network segments and can feed active and passive security appliances simultaneously

Simplifies Management and Administration

  • Delivers detailed logs and alerts to easily spot trends and potential issues with SSL use
  • Utilizes Management Center for configuration backup, scheduling and synchronization


Malware Analysis S400/S500

Respond To Malicious Threats That Elude Traditional Defenses


Detects and analyzes unknown, advanced, and targeted malware using a unique, dualdetection approach that safely detonates suspicious files and URLs, reveals malicious behavior, and exposes zero-day threats.


  • Comprehensive, enterprise-class malware detonation in highly realistic sandbox environments
  • Combines dynamic, static, and reputational analysis techniques for more thorough exposure of malware
  • Scalable and customizable solution
  • Detailed forensics and shared threat intelligence
  • Seamless integration with Blue Coat Content Analysis, Blue Coat Mail Threat Defense or Blue Coat Security Analytics

Key Benefits

  • Transforms malware exposure into continuous security improvement
  • Superior detection, more accurate and relevant analysis
  • Exceptional performance even on high-volume networks
  • Helps prioritize and accelerate incident response


MACH5 S200/S400/S500

Blazing Performance: Every Workload, Every User, Everywhere

Great performance shouldn’t be limited to certain applications, or certain users, or certain times of the day. That is why Blue Coat MACH5 goes beyond traditional WAN optimization solutions and dramatically improves the performance of virtually all applications and workflows – from file transfers to backups, email, databases, video, and cloud applications.


完整代理版 ProxySG 300/600


Blue Coat 完整代理版的 ProxySG 设备系列是 Blue Coat Security and Policy Enforcement Center 的组件,为您的业务提供全面的 Web 安全性和广域网优化。ProxySG 采用可扩展的代理平台架构来保障 Web 通信安全和加快业务应用程序的交付。ProxySG 支持对内容、用户、应用程序、Web 应用程序和协议的灵活的、高颗粒度的策略控制。受到超过 86% 的《财富》全球 500 强企业的青睐。


Mail Threat Defense S400

Secure Email Against Targeted Phishing Attacks

Defeats Targeted Attacks

  • Ability to identify attacks in embedded file attachments and URL links
  • Delivers screened and sanitized email messages to end users

Eliminates Known Attacks

  • Uses sophisticated techniques to quickly identify both known bad and good files and URLs
  • Leverages the Global Intelligence Network to stay up-to-date on the latest threats

Uncovers New Attacks

  • Uses precise detonation chambers to uncover new, zero-day attacks. Understands the risk level of new attacks with targeted malicious risk scoring

Provides Configurable Security Policies

  • Supports the unique security enforcement need of the organization
  • Balances message delivery speed, user autonomy desires and business needs


Mobile App Controls

移动性和 BYOD 如何推动移动应用程序控制的发展



ProxySG S200/S400/S500

Complete Web Security – with Superior Performance

All too often, secure web gateway products force you to make a tough trade-off: stronger security or faster application performance. The Blue Coat ProxySG S200, S400 and S500 families are the world’s leading secure web gateway solution because they solve this dilemma, delivering both comprehensive web security and WAN optimization. The entry level S200, mid-range S400, and flagship S500 are part of Blue Coat’s Security and Policy Enforcement Center, and provide scalable proxy platforms to secure your web communications and accelerate business applications. With robust capabilities including user authentication, web filtering, visibility of SSL-encrypted traffic, content caching, bandwidth management, stream-splitting, and more, ProxySG is the most versatile secure web gateway in the industry. That’s why it is the product of choice for more than 78% of the Fortune Global 500.


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